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Douglas scott

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Douglas Scott recruiter is part of the following company: Douglas Scott. The list of recruiters affiliated to this company is available on the company profile. - Go to the page
  • Legal secretary Douglas scott
    Permanent Harrogate Début : ASAP

    Legal secretary harrogate £16,000 – £18,000 legal secretary, harrogatesalary up to £18ka highly regarded multi service law firm based in harrogate is looking to ...

  • Conveyancing legal secretary Douglas scott
    Permanent Sheffield Début : ASAP

    Conveyancing legal secretary sheffield £17,000 – £19,000 conveyancing legal secretary, sheffieldsalary dependent on experiencean experienced conveyancing legal ...

  • Commercial litigation legal secretary Douglas scott
    Permanent Dublin Début : ASAP

    Commercial litigation legal secretary dublin £25,182 – £33,576 commercial litigation legal secretarydublinsalary up to 40,000 eurosa market leading international law ...

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