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Lion & pheasant hotel

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Lion & Pheasant Hotel recruiter is part of the following company: Lion & Pheasant Hotel. The list of recruiters affiliated to this company is available on the company profile. - Go to the page
  • Maintenance/decorator Lion & pheasant hotel
    Début : ASAP

    Hotel maintenance and decorator- 8 hours + per week main roles include painting and decorating. will be responsible for the general upkeep of the hotel.  other maintenance work may be required ...

  • Cocktail bartender Lion & pheasant hotel
    Début : ASAP

    Bartenders will be involved in table service, therefore the knowledge of the menu is essential, as bartenders will be working the floor as well as the bar. to deliver high service to all customers. ...

  • Professional waiter/waitress Lion & pheasant hotel
    Début : ASAP

    Career waiter/waitress previous experience as a restaurant/bar waitera proven track record and background in a busy restaurant and bar environmentgood knowledge of wines and foodthe ability to ...

  • Part time bartender Lion & pheasant hotel
    Shrewsbury Début : ASAP

    Part time bartender we are looking for a bartender that is primarily to join our team. the position involves evenings and weekend shifts.  experience is preferred but not essential as we will ...

  • Breakfast waitress Lion & pheasant hotel
    Début : ASAP

    Shrewsburys number one hotel is looking to recruit an experienced waitress for our breakfast shifts.we are looking for someone that can work five days a week. approximately 25 hours with potential ...

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