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FAQ - General

Beepjob is a mobile and web platform connecting recruiters (professional and individuals) with job seekers.
"Beep" refers to the sound of a mobile phone. Synonym of speed and modernity. The rabbit refers to speed. It's also an animal we like :).
Beepjob offers job ads and geolocated candidates and has created an urgency recruitment method via geolocation and mobile app (Flash Recruitment). It is interesting to notice that classic ads are free on Beepjob.
No. Beepjob is also available in France ( and in any country in the world.
You can download it from the Appstore for Iphone and Google Play for Android.
No. In order to have a look to the ads or candidates profiles, you don't need an account. However, you need to create an account in order to apply for a job, to publish an ad or buy a CV contact details.
No, see the Terms of service. The only details visible are the ones you used to fill in your CV. Your contact details are hidden, except if a recruiters decides to buy your CV, if you apply to an ad, or if you have bought credits in order to have an open profile.
If you lost your password, please click on "forgotten password"
You can edit or delete your account by going to your dashboard.
This rate allows recruiters to easily spot the number of information available for each candidate. The higher the rate is, the higher you will be in the search results,

This rate is determined by the number of fields already filled (including the picture).
Flash Ad = If you need to fill your vacancies with urgency

Flash ads allow recruiters to send notifications through Beepjob app to candidates close to the job (geolocation). Your advert will also be highlighted on the home page and in all search results. Notifications are also sent in real time to all connected users. It is displayed for 2 days on the website/application and costs 15 credits.
Wrong, the location displayed on the map is approximate.
You can highlight and place your ads on top of search results by adding the Premium or Flash option.
It allows you to be notified via email each time a new advert is published or a new candidate registers on Beepjob. You can change the sending frequency of these email from your Beepjob dashboard.
It allows you to save a search on your dashboard, and next time you connect to your account, they new ads matching your search criteria will be displayed. No email will be send, unlike email alerts.
It allows you to save ads or profile you are interested in into your personal space. It will be easier to retrieve them.
Your search system is based on keywords. Thus it is really important to choose them carefully. Indeed, they will be used by candidates to find ads and by recruiters to find candidates.

The biggest benefit for you is an increased search accuracy. For example if you search for baby-sitting and after-school, you'll get results combining these 2 criteria (ads for baby-sitting after school).

Our system understands synonyms, spelling mistakes, singular and plural (for example "accountant" and "accoutant will give the same results).
Create an account, an online CV and apply to any job advert for free! The only paying feature is the "open profile": you contact details and name are visible, which increase your chances of being recruited.

Sponsor your friends, share your CV, and connect with Beepjob on Facebook and Twitter! You will earn FREE credits, which allow you to have an "open profile" (2 credits per month)
On the home page's top right, click on "log in" or "sign up"
Connect to your account with your Beepjob username and password. Then click on "edit my CV" or "edit my profile" on the right-hand side search bar.
In order to improve your chances of being recruited, improve your CV completion rate!

Finally, polish your CV writing. Visit our blog to get tips and advice on how to do it!
  1. In the search bar, select "job"
  2. Then enter keywords: type of contract, line of business ...
  3. Finally, you can specify a geographical area for your search if you wish.

    Remember: Our keyword system understands synonyms, plural/singular, feminine/masculine and even spelling mistakes.

    To refine your search, other keywords are suggested on the left-hand side of the search results.
You can make your contact details public: recruiters won't need to buy your CV to be able to contact you.

Moreover your CV will appear on top of search results for matching keywords. This option costs 2 credits per month.

You can earn free credits by sharing your CV on Facebook, through referral, or if you like our page on Facebook! You can earn several months of Premium CV!
  1. In the search bar, click on CV database
  2. Then enter keywords (job, line of business, skills ...) matching your search.

    Our system understands spelling mistakes, plural/singular and feminine/masculine and even synonyms. For example, you will get the same results with "waiter" and "waitress",

    To refine your search, other keywords are suggested on the left-hand side of the search results.
3 options:

  • If the candidate applies to one of your ads: the contact details are visible. You can contact him/her via email or telephone
  • If you are sourcing candidates through the CV databse: the contact details are not visible, you can buy access to them.
  • If the candidate has an "open profile" : he/she has paid to make his/her contact details public. In this case you can freely access the contact details
View recruiters' pricing page.
You can pay by credit card. If you want to make a bank transfer, please contact us.
Recruiters have 25 free job ads per year. In order to see paying features, please click on the pricing page. Discover our subscriptions plans
If your ad isn't displayed, it may be because of a server delay, or because your ad is being reviewed by our team.

If the issue remains unresolved, please contact us.
Use the right keywords, write your ad correctly. It has to be neither too short nor too long. Most importantly, work on the ad title.
Ads can be deactivated from your dashboard.
Beepjob will send you applications via email, with the candidates contact details. You will be able to go through them from your dashboard.