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by visiting "" directly or indirectly (via another site or an automated system), you accept our terms and conditions of use. These must be respected.

The modification of these can be done at any time by the site administrators, resulting in an automatic acceptance by the user and visitor. was created in France and is hosted in France Any dispute shall be within the exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts applying French law.

1 / Company presentation

The site "" is edited by the company:BEEPEO SARL, a company with a capital of 22 222 euros. Its headquartered are in Paris, France (75010) 40 bis rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, registered At the Paris' RCS under the number 530 186 063

IT & Freedoms

The information collected on are exclusively for processing your request. You have a right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning you (art. 34 of the Data Protection Act). For more information, go to Beepjob was declared to the CNIL. Beepjob was declared to the CNIL. We are not selling personal data to third parties for marketing reasons without prior authorization.

Sur, vous pouvez exercer ces droits directement sur le site (dans votre espace membre), ou en nous écrivant par mail à ou à l'adresse suivante : SARL Beepeo 33 rue Galliéni 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

Although SARL BEEPEO implemented means to protect users' personal information, the Company can not guarantee that they will not be collected in a fraudulent way by a malicious user.

Service provider is hosted by OVH 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France.

2 / Presentation of the website and its service. is a platform that connects job seekers (candidates) and recruiters or any other professional or individual person looking for a service that could provide the so-called candidates. Thus the site publishes job ads, and lists the candidates. BEEPEO SARL is therefore not involved in the conclusion of job contracts.

a - Copyright

This website and all its contents, including text, still and animated images, databases, programs, cgi, etc. cgu and cgv. Appointed by the "Website" in these terms and conditions and the terms and conditions of sales, is protected by copyright.

Thus, the end user is only entitled to view the content of the website. However, granting the rights beepjob following reproductions:

  • Recording in digital form from the website to view them offline.
  • Printing is permitted for private copy for the exclusive use of the copier within the meaning of Article L. 122-5 2° of the Code of Intellectual Property
  • Creating a link to beepjob and each page of the website is permitted.

Any other use or reproduction is prohibited. Without prior written permission from

All elements of this website are © - all rights reserved.

b - Responsability

The information provided by this website is for information purposes only. They can be changed without notice. does not guarantee that the information contained on the website is accurate or complete, or that have been checked. So is not responsible for information, availability, and the existence of jobs posted on the website.

However, undertakes to ensure the best operation and provision of services it offers. It is not responsible for a failure of the system in case of force majeure or causes beyond its control (interruption of service to the service provider, or cyber attacks).

The use by the user of information and services contained on may not lead to the company's responsibility. may at any time remove any information contained on the site in ads or profiles of members who do not meet the conditions of use or sale of this website. User accounts can be deleted for the same reasons, or for reasons of inactivity of any account for at least 6 months.

c - sing your CV and your personal data

information contained in the member area as well as in those that the user will be provided for the profile (such as CV), are personal and confidential information. undertakes to protect them. When registering on Beepjob, the candidate accepts to receive job adverts via email, text, or notifications.

Pursuant to art. 34 of the Act relating to data, files and freedoms, the registered user may update or change the information it wishes to remove or profile in its entirety. This right may be exercised by the member onine, in its dashboard.

Certain information or content (eg:photo) submitted by the user may reveal ethnic origin, sex, religion, or age ect ... In communicating this information or optional content, the user indicates his explicit consent to the transmission on of these data. He alone is responsible.

In the CV database, contact details in the candidates' profiles are searchable by recruiters who pay the appropriate credit (or when a candidate himself paid to open its profile) or when candidates apply to an ad. The creation of a candidate account explicitly manifest their consent to the transmission of such data. Each user is responsible. not be held responsible for the use of these data by recruiters. uses cookies. This avoids to repeatedly enter the same information or facilitate the connection to the website. The use of cookies may be disabled by the user via their browser preferences.

By creating an account on, users express their permission to let to copy and disseminate their information on the website or by email.

3 / User's obligations

To be a member of Beepjob, the user must be at least 16 years and fill in all mandatory fields in the registration forms.

The data provided by the user must be accurate and conform to reality, and legal under French law. In particular, the email must be filled in with the actual address, and the user must be its owner.

The dissemination of this information is the responsibility of the user who has agreed to disclose them. Therefore, it renounce all recourse against, and in particular on the possible infringement of image rights, honor, and privacy.

Logins and passwords send to users must remain confidential as they are personal. can not be held responsible for the loss of them. Finally, it is forbidden to disclose them to third parties and can not be held responsible for the use of the login/password by third parties, whether fraudulently or not.

Moreover, can not guarantee members' identities. Thus, the website can not be held responsible for possible identity theft. In this case, the user can notify us by mail ( The team will make every effort possible to solve this problem. reserves the right to remove user accounts without notice if their uses are contrary to the Terms and Conditions.

Finally, when a member wishes to sponsor one of its contacts, it provides its contact infos to Therefore, it is committed to first obtaining its express consent

a - Fundamental principles against discrimination

Every company, natural or legal person who whishe to post a job ad, must follow these rules:

  1. The ad must (in order to protect the candidates rights to be employed):
    • not contain discriminatory statements,
    • be written in english
    • do not induce job seekers to misleading information or behaviour
  2. Prohibited references in a job ad are:
    • origin, sex
    • manners,
    • sexual orientation,
    • the age,
    • family status,
    • he membership or non-membership, real or supposed, of an ethnic group, nation or race,
    • political opinions,
    • union or mutual activities,
    • Religious beliefs,
    • physical appearance,
    • the surname,
    • health or disability, unless declared unfit by the doctor.

Beepjob prohibits registration of candidates with less than 16 years of age.

The recruiter must also know and meet its obligations vis-à-vis candidates. Namely:

  • Respect their privacy
  • Be transparent and relevant:the offer must not be false or have inaccurate statement that could mislead the candidate (salaries, benefits, workplace, the actual existence of the offer, nature, ect ...)

An advertiser who does not comply with these rules is solely responsible for the legal consequences that result.

For more details, invites users and individual advertisers website to refer to the following official documents:Law No. 2001-1066 of 16 November 2001 on the fight against discrimination (OJ of 17/11 / 2001

b - Law 'Perben II'

of 9 March 2004 on the adaptation of justice to changes in crime

c - Work law

Articles L121-6 and following (respect for privacy and confidentiality), (general principles of non-discrimination), L. 122-45-1 (role of trade unions and associations fighting against discrimination), L. 122-45-2 (protection against dismissal and compensation of the Labour Court), L. 122-45-3 (differences in treatment based on age), L. 422-1-1 (right warning), L123-1 and R123-1 (prohibited mentions), L311-4 (publishing rules of a job), L631-4 (sanctions), L711-3 (prohibited work).

d - Code of Criminal

Articles L.225-1 (definition), L.225-2 (sanctions), L.225-3 (treatment differences allowed), L.225-4 (responsibility of legal persons).

Terms of sale

Any purchase of credit to Beepeo SARL constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions, deemed to be an integral part of the general terms of use.

In accordance with Articles L 121-19 and L 121-20 of the French Consumer Code, the purchaser has a period of 7 (seven) days to withdraw, without penalty or pattern. However, in accordance with Article L. 121-20-2-1 ° of the French Consumer Code, the withdrawal can not be used if the buyer has purchased features.

1 / Purchase

Recruiters and candidates can buy credits on Beepjob. The price of these services are in £ on and may change at any time. Subscriptions can be bought from the site. They will be renewed automatically for the period the user previously chose. Without engagement, they can be cancelled at any time.

The conditions applied to these features are as follows:

  • The features are not refundable
  • The features, and the way they can be used may change at any time.
  • The features offered by may expire at any time we choose.
  • If an ad is deleted by because it wasn't respecting our terms of use or sale, it won't be refundable.

2 / Means of payment accepts the following payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • Bank Transfer: please contact us.

For each payment, the user will receive an invoice by email, also available in the dashboard.

Please note:we do not guarantee that the invoices in the dashboard are constantly recorded. The user must keep a copy of the invoice in his inbox.

3 / Taxes.

At any order, we apply to the price an added tax (VAT). The VAT rate applied by depends on the country and can be of 0%.