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PHP Developer

Published 2018-01-10 14:32:15

Sunderland , England.
Start : ASAP Experience : Expected

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Job description

PHP ProgrammerWe are looking for a developer to join our company. You’ll be working on a wide range of projects, in teams and by yourself.Responsibilities will include:Developing tools, applications and websites from the ground up.Updating existing websites and applications.Creating and maintaining internal tools for the company.Required Skills:You’ll need a strong knowledge of both procedural and object-oriented coding in PHP5+A full working knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavascriptAn understanding of different forms of cross platform communication in the form of XML and JSONMySQLYou must be able to write code from scratch without relying on third party plugins and extensionsYou’ll need to be able to work in a team and by yourself. You’ll be working on a number of different sized projects that’ll require you to work with different departments as well as conceive, plan, develop, deploy and assess your own projects.Desired Skills and Qualifications:Previous work in jQuery and jQuery UIComposerA degree in a related computing field would be preferableWindows Troubleshooting / Windows ServerBat scripting / PowershellGitAdvantageousPythonNode jsLesscssReactMSSQLLinux server administrationPast industry experience isn’t required, we have a strong team of developers who’ll be able to help you out. A lot of the job will be requiring you to learn something new no matter what your past experience is and step outside your standard comfort zone. We are therefore looking for someone who enjoys a challenge and embraces learning. If you’ve made an arduino / pi project, built your own PC, have made an interesting side project then you are the kind of person we want. Topre key users will be not be judged.If you think you have what it takes, please send a CV, including GCSE/A Level results by subject, along with a covering letter detailing your work in the field if you have any to Please keep in mind we are very busy! That is why we need YOU!
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