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Welfare Manager

Published 2017-09-20 18:56:53

, England.
Start : ASAP Experience : Expected Salary : 16,000.00 - 20,000.00  per year

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Job description

Job description  We are looking to recruit a full time Welfare Manager to start work as soon as possible . A rewarding, varied and challenging role with potential for career progression you would become an integral part of the future of this small, international school with a family atmosphere. The role would preferably be residential, with full board accommodation available as part of the package so would suit national and international applicants, or non-residential for the right local candidate. School Profile The Abbey College is an international co-educational boarding school based in Malvern, Worcestershire. During the academic year (September to June) we have up to 80 students, from as many as 20 different countries, aged 13 to 20, studying a variety of courses, including IGCSEs, A Levels and (pre university) Foundation.  The majority of these students board at the College. In addition to this we also run short course groups throughout the year with students coming from countries such as Peru, Russia and Italy, and a residential summer school (100 - 200 students per week) from mid June to early September. Candidate Profile The successful candidate will have a keen interest in student welfare and development; be good at paperwork; have a desire to learn and grow in the role; enjoy working with international students; be customer orientated and performance driven; be enthusiastic and committed with stamina and a positive attitude. Overview of Role This is one of the key roles in the College with overall responsibility for the welfare, safety and pastoral care of the students during their stay. The main areas to the role are: Specifically the Welfare Manager will lead the boarding team to ensure that: ·         The staff are aware of the National Minimum Standards for Boarding Schools  and the OFSTED criteria and that the College is doing everything required·         All College Policies are followed·         Daily welfare issues and any complaints are promptly and professionally dealt with ·         Appropriate, high-quality care is given to all boarders and that the special needs of each group are met·         All boarders have sufficient rest and that bedtime routines appropriate to each age group are maintained·         All paperwork and systems required are organised and ready for College inspections ·         All boarding routines are effective·         Students are following the residential rules and oversee discipline as required·         There is clear communication between the boarding and academic staff of the College·         Parents concerns are addressed quickly, communicated appropriately via the Registrars and that responses follow the College policies·         Regular student feedback is requested and comments acted upon where appropriate  If residential position, board and lodgings are included in return for residential duties and house parenting duties. Working Hours ·         Hours of work will vary according to the requirements of the clients we have in the College, the number of students in the College and the needs of the College. The workload varies at different times of year so flexibility is required.·         During the Academic Year you will be expected to work a 5-day week then a 6-day week on an alternating basis. Consecutive days off will be organised  wherever possible but cannot be promised·         During the Summer School (if appropriate) you will be expected to work 6 days per week·         Working days can be any of the days of the week·         Due to the nature of the job, there may be student needs first thing in the morning and then in the evening, which would mean having time off during the day; i.e. the hours of work are not necessarily continuous (As a general  guide, a full day is considered  2 sessions, where 1 session = a morning, afternoon or evening) Reporting to Your Line Manager is the Director of Student Services, though you will also report directly to the Principal on certain matters. At times you will also need to work closely with the Academic Managers and the Bursar. Main Responsibilities Safeguarding & Child Protection·         Keep up-to-date with all safeguarding and child protection issues and informing the Principal/Designated Safeguarding Lead about any changes required  to policies and/or procedures·         Updating the relevant documents (e.g. handbooks) so they are current·         Provide training for the employees and refresher courses·         Liaise with the DSL about implementing suitable procedures ·         Ensuring that visitors to the College are welcomed and carefully monitored, and that the bedroom accommodation is private to the boarders and to members of the House Team only; ensuring that visitors are not permitted to enter these areas unless there is an emergency or accompanied by a member of staff·         Ensure that any unauthorised absence of students is reported to the Principal immediately and to work with him/her to ensure that the parents and the proper authorities are informed and the safe return of the boarder is achieved·         Ensuring that all fire regulations are rigorously met and regular fire drills are carried out Welfare ·         Dealing promptly and professionally with daily welfare issues and any complaints·         Bed registers – checking/follow up/recording/filing  ·         To ensure sick students are looked after Together with the Welfare Officers responsible for medicines:·         To  have specific have responsibility for the provision of medicine, and management of medicines·         Ensuring relevant records and kept and maintained·         Being responsible for student pocket money (particularly in the Summer School)·         Making sure the Welfare Officers ensure that all items used on site are PAT –tested·         Liaising with the Catering Manager about all meals, keeping him informed about packed lunch requirements, birthdays, late dinners, early breakfasts, arrivals and departures, special diets, etc. Student Bedrooms and Boarding Houses·         Ensuring  all rooms are checked at the beginning and end of each term and keep inventories·         Allocating rooms to all residential students at the College, bearing in mind students’ preferences, special requests and the College’s legal responsibilities·         To ensure the students are adequately supervised within the boarding houses·         To ensure all maintenance issues are reported and followed up·         To prepare and update a decoration/development plan for the boarding houses together with the Bursar·         Ensuring regular room inventories are completed·         Ensuring regular house meetings are held and that minutes are kept·         Ensuring that each student has a key for their room·         Managing all keys ensuring they are kept in a safe manner and sufficient copies are maintained at all times·         Making regular maintenance checks.  e.g. Kitchen Equipment, Stairs, Carpets, Electricity·         Report any problems found in the Maintenance Book·         Report any damage to the Bursar and the Principal·         Dealing with disciplinary problems in a firm but caring manner, and to consult with the Principal and Head of Boarding in any matter of serious concern·         Making sure House Parents encourage students to take pride in their House and contribute to the decoration/development of the boarding house wherever possible·         Carrying out regular Room/House Inspections·         Confiscating electrical items that are against the College Rules·         Ensuring that all boarders have sufficient rest and that bed-time routines appropriate to each age group are maintained and to carry out wake up, bed check and lock up duties according to the rota Student Administration·         Ensuring all students receive a College ID card, and other relevant materials ·         Helping students to open bank accounts/credit cards ·         Ensuring relevant students complete their Police Registration, and all other check/paperwork associated with new Government Tier 4 regulations ·         Organising Travel Days and on-going Registration to include students’ induction, registration, welcome for students/parents/agents/meals/tours, and necessary storage Home stay Management·         Recruiting home stays, ensuring all checks and visits are done as stipulated by the relevant inspection bodies·         Placing students with home stays as required Development and ManagementLiaise with the Principal over development of the boarding side of the College·         To oversee travel arrangements for the students·         To attend formal, minute weekly meetings of the Boarding Team·         To maintain and update the Boarding/Welfare Handbook on a regular basis ·         To be the Line Manager for all Boarding Staff, including cleaning team and House Parents.·         (this includes training, appraisals, regular meetings  and supervision)·         Organising and running training sessions for the Boarding and cleaning Team·         Conducting formal annual staff appraisals for the Boarding and cleaning Team·         To assist in the interviewing and selection of staff ensuring College policies are followed·         To produce an Induction package and oversee on-going training and support for all members of the Boarding Team  General Duties·         Encouraging the students to speak English at every opportunity.·         Helping ensure students do not breach the College Rules·         Making sure that uniform codes are adhered to and that the students who should wear uniform have purchased the appropriate clothes.·         Help ensure students behave so health and safety is promoted within and outside of the College·         To help keep the College tidy and presentable.·         To attend all necessary meetings  Support Duties·         Locating students when they are not where they should be. ·         Monitoring the Sunday evening Prep session·         Overseeing  travel arrangements for the students Miscellaneous·         Lost property – recording all lost/found, interviewing, follow ·         To carry out residential duties·         Managing  the College laundry system and staff associated with it·         To ensure all relevant risk assessments are compiled as required and reviewed annually·         Ensuring all the students have the correct dress code (academic year)·         Ensuring required College records are kept and maintained (for example, Incident Book)·         Managing the College domestic department’s operations ·         (ordering goods, checking standards and records, etc.) ·         Organising dry cleaning at the end of each term, or as required·         Maintaining knowledge of Fire Regulations and organising Fire Training as necessary Other Responsibilities  House Parent (if Residential)Being an active and caring House Parent. The role of a House Parent is to provide our boarding students with a safe, caring and happy environment. promoting the general welfare, personal and academic development of all the boarders in accordance with the policy of the College and in the light of current legislation and recommendations concerning the welfare of children; building a strong personal relationship with each of the students in your care, to sound out the needs of each and to support the school in working continuously towards meeting those needs. You will need to set up and implement boarding house procedures for:·         getting up, personal hygiene, showering, dress code, etc.·         meals·         bedtime·         the safe keeping of students’ valuables and pocket money Other duties include:·         Being on duty in the house on specified nights from after Bed Check to wake up (i.e. being present in your room in a fit and proper state to help students if they have any problems, fire alarm goes off, etc.)·         Ensuring that the house is never left unattended and that boarders are always adequately supervised at all times outside the teaching day, including weekends.·         Responding to any noises in the house after Bed Check·         Providing support and advice for students in your house·         Organising regular events/activities for the members of your house You will report to the Principal on any matters connected with boarding house administration or student discipline/welfare/safeguarding issues that you believe require his/her attention. These duties and responsibilities are a guideline and are not exhaustive, and are subject to reasonable change if required, and should be read in conjunction with the termly key tasks and responsibilities document.  Qualifications and Experience Essential requirements:·         Candidates should have experience of working with/supervising teenagers and young adults·         Ability to demonstrate good time-management, problem solving capabilities and organisational skills·         Be flexible, have a caring disposition and be able to keep calm under considerable pressure·         Ability to motivate young people and to develop a culture of mutual respect·         Competence in administrative IT skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, e-mail)·         An awareness of and ability to respond to the special needs of individual boarders, including those from different cultural backgrounds. Desirable, but not essential:·         Have experience in a previous role·         Summer School experience·         Medical background·         A qualification in House Parenting·         Experience of residential boarding school life·         Teaching experience   Salary Remuneration will be at a competitive rate, depending on the experience of the individual applicant. The package includes rent-free accommodation, all meals, utility bills, plus a starting salary (£16,000 – £20,000). The above does not form a contract in its own right and should be read in conjunction with your contract, the Abbey College Staff Rules & Disciplinary Procedures, relevant handbooks, Teaching Staff Job Description and Staff Terms and Conditions. The most important requirement is the applicant is enthusiastic, energetic, outgoing and keen to make a decisive contribution to all the aspects of the College. Signature of Employee:                 .................................................................................    Date: ........................................   Signed on behalf of the Abbey College: .........................................................                    Date: ........................................ CSE or equivalent 5+ yearsCareer levelManager (Manager/Supervisor of Staff)
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